Kick the Email Habit

Spam email can clog your inbox even if you are using some of the best spam filters. Junk mailers are often looking for novel ways to counteract filters and get their messages in front of your eyes. It is much harder to get off from a list of scam companies or individuals, but you can acquire presentation training to receive and send email communication tools that are spam free.

Send and Receive Emails from Known Sources

Only send emails to people who have requested to receive them. Sending of unsolicited email will get you blocked and negatively impact your deliverability and eventually your campaign performance. Avoid giving out your personal email address. Create a separate account for signing up information from a person or a company you do not know well. Some companies and individuals will sell your email address to spam companies and the garbage mails may start pouring in.

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Appropriate Contents

Only include contents relevant to the content clients have requested. In most cases, it is important to send business to business emails. Block emails that are spam by setting parameters for spam mails. Actually, most mail providers have software that allows you to determine the kinds of email that make it to your inbox. For instance, you can set email filters so that only known senders can send email to your inbox. Moreover, you can define specific domain as safe to receive mail like those who share your internet provider.

Anti-Spam Encoding

Create JavaScript code to perform non-trivial computational tasks to protect your addresses against spam. This contrasts with the simple string concatenation or entity code replacement done by most anti-spam encoders. To perform the anti-spam computation prescribed in the script, the software applied must understand JavaScript.

Create Junk Folder

Directly send spam email to a junk folder, so that you can look at them at your leisure. Use the setting in your mail program to define specific senders as garbage email by setting a rule that sends email from a particular domain to the junk folder or clicking on them and select junk. Make sure you check this folder to be certain it is receiving only junk emails. Move email into your inbox or delete the junk, as you prefer. Don't reply to or unsubscribe from spam emails. By subscribing to spam or unsubscribing, you are confirming that your email address is live and this may generate more spam. Delete the message or use email software to automatically remove the spam.

Protect Your Email Online

Never leave your email address on comments, forum posts, websites or anywhere else online. Spammers follow these types of media and look for people who have left their email addresses they will gather information and begin sending you spam emails. Do not forward emails. This one of the common ways that spammers use to collect huge numbers of working email addresses. Instead, delete the mails as soon as they appear in your inbox.

By acquiring presentation training to receive and send email communication tools that are spam free, your email inbox will be free from spam messages. Act now and save your email account.